Alto, No Te Quemes.

Alto, No Te Quemes.

Many people think that it’s just a minor thing and they don’t measure what this means, because whoever sells illegal cigarettes risks fines, jail sentences and losing a valuable investment because of a bad decision.

This is how No Te Quemes was born, an initiative with the presentation of Emilio Sutherland, where we went in search of real cases of people who sold them, had been arrested, had seized the illegal merchandise, they regret what they did when they realized they were being treated as criminals for the crime they committed.

This campaign was presented in a mini-site that had 3 chapters and a trailer, in addition to statistical data and a complaint phone. In RRSS these chapters were published alongside with animated posters to announce this great social problem.

The subject exploded, achieving the social impact we were looking for and, above all, putting the issue in public discussion.

A landing page was developed, which hosted the campaign, showed the trailer and the three chapters, in addition to statistical information, seizures and, above all, a complaint phone.


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