Adama, La Ruta Simple.

Adama, La Ruta Simple.

Reaching each farmer, to deliver technical knowledge in the field and the quality products of Adama, one of the world’s largest companies in crop protection and nutrition, is a big problem, because Chile is very long.

This is why and as the saying goes: ‘If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain’, we created “La Ruta Simple.”

An innovative campaign for Agroindustry.

This is how we design and manufacture a cart to take the office to the crops, where the farmers are, in the middle of their large fields. We also developed the minisite to attend visits, in turn a follow-up of posts in social networks and, in addition, we produce and direct this spot to generate expectation.

La Ruta Simple is already underway, delivering all the support on Adama’s land.


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