The communicational transformation of the agro world.

Agribusiness is one of the main engines of the national economy and has a duty to move forward according to globalization, both its operational and communication processes, projecting its corporate DNA to its diverse audiences. Faced with this situation, Aztro, the marketing agency that uses neuromarketing in its projects and has gained experience with innovative proposals to the agricultural world, shares interesting recommendations to break the paradigm of traditional industry communication that focus for decades on accentuating the technical characteristics of the fruit.

Cristian Toffolo, partner of the agency that stands out for creating campaigns that generate a more lasting relationship with its clients over time, declares “The communicational transformation goes hand in hand with the understanding that a brand has of its environment and its public, he hopes to break what is already established in the dogmas of the industry, behind is the image of a muscular corn to represent the quality of the products ”.

Source: Portal Agro Chile.