The marketing behind the Coronavirus.

By Cristian Toffolo and Felipe Vargas, Aztro Partners.

The coronavirus, the biological condition that has disturbed global health, has not only impacted by its rapid spread but, for what it has meant for the different markets that have been involved in this world event. According to Capital Economics, it estimates that the epidemic will cost approximately US $ 280 billion, in the first three months of the year.

But who wins these amounts? Is marketing really an important actor in this epidemic? In all the countries of the world there has been a growth in sales of health items, it is mainly due to globalization through the internet, which has allowed us to find out what is happening. lives second to second in different parts of the globe, companies have understood and have carried out marketing strategies to position different services as an ally to combat and prevent contagion.

An important case is the biotechnology company Nanoviricides, which has seen its shares grow by 150%, as well as mask and technical equipment manufacturers, who have experienced unexpected profits due to fear of the Coronavirus, as well as clothing companies. Protectants, purifiers or disinfectants have increased their goals, impacting intensely in their pockets.

And not only have these types of companies been favored, but also entertainment companies such as; Netflix, which is promoting “The Flu” a movie that the platform promotes as a possible prediction. In addition, “Plague Inc” a video game that during these days has reached 120 million downloads, I feel this the most popular game of paid apps in China.

Therefore, marketing has a lot to do with the result of what is happening in the world and the main challenges are not to express fear to the population, but to demonstrate that there are companies that are carrying out actions that can help decrease and eradicate the global epidemic and generate profits for companies that are seizing the opportunity.

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