Aztro launches a loan for foreigners in Chile.

For his Inalco client, Chevrolet dealer, he created a campaign that is based on the special qualities of migrants and focuses on their shopping experience.

Boosting the settlement of foreigners in Chile, the Aztro agency developed for its client Inalco a campaign aimed at the immigrant public. In the case of this company of an automotive dealership of the Chevrolet brand, the work consisted in the development of a “Credit for Foreigners” , in respect of which the client’s trip takes relevance to the Time to meet your needs.

Among other objectives, the campaign seeks to help strengthen and enhance the qualities and shopping experiences of migrants. To do this, it incorporates positioning strategies that help reinforce the benefits of having other cultures in the country.

Felipe Vargas and Cristián Toffolo , partners of this company that bases its strategies on neuromarketing, say they are aware that Chile has changed and that they are happy to carry out actions that help to better position, in the new context, the brands they represent.

Excellent payers

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), immigrants today reach 6.6% of the total population of the country, with an estimated 1,251,225 people arriving in Chile. They detail the statistics that, of this total, 51.6% are men and 48.4% women, while the largest amount of this population is concentrated between 29 and 39 years of age.

“The incorporation of foreigners into the country has transformed society and what you want to project,” say Vargas and Toffolo. They add that now communication goes hand in hand with the experiences of new buyers and that thanks to that, a new way of selling a product has been created, which is different.

As marketers, they understand that brands are currently seeking to incorporate in their portfolio actions that deliver value. They comment in that sense that such actions should be aimed at a value for the experiences lived and the feelings that cause satisfaction at the time of purchase.

In his opinion, immigrants who are in Chile have, among their virtues, a very peculiar one: they are excellent payers, ordered and focused on what they want to develop. “That for us as experts in advertising campaigns is super important, because it is a niche that has not yet positioned itself in the country and we want to continue to exploit and strengthen,” they explain.

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