Aztro: An agency that produces its own ideas.

Felipe Vargas and Cristián Toffolo came to that concept when, after investing in technological tools, they decided to concentrate on the content they create. Advertising agencies are having an important change, even coming to argue that the very concept of agency is the one that is mutating. BBDO, for example, is defined as one of the largest, although with the agile and light body of the small ones. Global, meanwhile, claims to be, more than an agency, a creative company.

There are those who see in the opening of social networks and application platforms a space for the emergence of new conceptions. Like Aztro, which is described as an advertising agency that produces its own ideas.

To achieve this, Aztro traveled a path marked by the search for solutions based on new technologies, which included the use of drones, 360 platforms, virtual tours and others that, contrary to what they thought, did not imply greater advantage.

Source: Publimark.